Saturday, 29 November 2014

Winter is near.

Hi all,

Winter is nearly here.
Soon we'll be covered in snow or rain or wind and (hopefully) sun.

The garden is resting, so should we really.
Sometimes I wish I could just go to sleep like my hens do; at 4pm they roost and at 8am they wake up again. One of the hens is extremely loud if I don't let her out in time, so we nicknamed her 'The hooligan'. Although she used to be called 'The runaway chicken' because she also has a habit of running away to the neighbour's garden and building a nest there.
We normally don't give the hens names, as they are not meant to be pets. They supply us with eggs and the future chickens, hopefully, with meat too, but because these four were ex-battery chickens, they are allowed to enjoy their retirement. So, they won't end up in the pot!

Although there is not to do in the garden, there is still lots of wine to bottle. I've already bottled about 3 gallons, but there is still 5 gallons left to bottle. I'll better hurry up, because the wines are going to be Christmas presents for my colleagues and friends.