Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Chick-Peas are in trouble

Dear oh dear, the Chick-Peas (our new Black Rock chickens) are in trouble.
Destroying the vegetable garden, eating the paksoi, curly kale and spinach, pooing everywhere (including the window sills!) and not giving anything in return, means they will have to go soon.

Unfortunately we've been paying way too much for these underage chickens, who weren't point-of-lay by far. Point-of-lay means they should start laying within a week or two after you've brought them home, but we've had them for 8 weeks now and no sign of any eggs.
But in the meantime they destroy everything and still we have to feed them (of course) and clean their hen house. Also I always need to make sure my shoes are clean before I enter the shop.

My husband doesn't want this to go on, not knowing if they will ever produce eggs, so he is returning them to the breeder this weekend.
Hopefully the breeder is willing to refund the whole amount, because we don't really trust him any longer. Even if he replaces them with older ones, how do know how old the new ones will be?

Anyway, we've decided we won't have any more chickens during the Winter. Come Spring we'll build a large pen for any new chickens we might decide to get then.
This means The Hooligan is on her own. Well, almost.
Luckily for her, the neighbour's chickens come to our garden too (destroying and pooing), so she is not lonely during the day.
The problem lies with the nights; chickens keep each other warm during really cold nights by huddling together. But of course The Hooligan can't do that if there are no other chickens around.
So, we've decided she has to sleep in a cat carrier in the porch. I think she is intelligent enough to go to her new sleeping place once we've put her in.
It benefits us too: no more Sunday mornings putting socks on, shoes on, jacket on, gloves on and hat on, just to let the chickens out.
Now we can just walk to the porch on our slippers, open the cat carrier and wish The Hooligan a nice day.

But we still don't know for sure if the breeder is willing to refund us, so we might still have to struggle through snow on Sunday mornings.