Saturday, 21 February 2015

Wrinkly eggs and wine bottling

One of the chickens has been laying very weird eggs lately. They are all wrinkly!

I suppose being retired means you'll be getting more wrinkles, but who knew hens (and their eggs) would get the same problem?! Our 4 hens are now approximately 3,5 years old, which means they are getting towards the end of their lives.
I do wish however that they will live for another half year because that would mean they have spend the same amount of their lives in the fields as they did in the battery farms.
The Hooligan is still shouting at us though, so I don't know if she is the one presenting us with those wrinkled eggs! Maybe she does, just to show us her discontent!

What else do you do in the midst of Winter apart from bottling wine? I know what you want to say. "Drinking the wine of course!"
We made around 9 gallons of wines, ranging from sweet cicely to strawberry to parsley wine. I normally just leave it in the demijohn with a solid bung and bottle it when there is nothing else to do.
Winter is a good time for that.
These are the last of the bottled wines of last year.

People who received homemade wines in their Christmas hampers said that the sweet cicely was very tasty. So, that will be the one to make next year again. Luckily we've got lots of sweet cicely growing in the wild next to our house.
Oh, can't wait for the new season to start!
In the meantime, we'll just enjoy last year's wines. :-)