Saturday, 13 December 2014

Chickens don't like snow (or do they?!)

Started snowing the other night. Woke up to a white Christmassy scene.
This is what the chickens (translated from chicken language) thought of it:

The Hooligan (as usual) shouted first:
"What the *****! Why can't we go out yet! They are always late in this place! And why is it so cold??!!
Oh, finally, there you are, what the **** took you so long?!"

The other chickens were quietly listening and muttering to themselves:
"Ooohhh, what is happening? Oooohhh, why is it so cold? Oooohhh, why can't The Hooligan not shut up?"

So, under much pressure from The Hooligan, I opened the hatch

The Hooligan (and the rest) stood still and looked at the white landscape.
"My god that took ages!! What on earth is that??!! It normally is green, isn't it?! Why is it white all of a sudden?! I don't want to go out there! I don't know what that ***** white stuff is!!

The rest of the chickens were getting impatient, because The Hooligan was blocking the exit.
"Oooohhh, why are you not moving? Ooooohhh, what's happening? Ooooohhh, why does it all look differently? Is it safe The Hooligan??"

The Hooligan couldn't make up his mind as to whether venture out in that strange landscape or to stay in.
"I don't know what to do! It looks kind of the same, but it's white instead of green! Oh,  wait a minute over there is a partially green spot! What if I can jump there and see what happens?"

The Hooligan squatted a wee bit and finally made the jump to the partially green spot.
The rest of the chickens took this as a good sign and went outside with no problems whatsoever.

But the snow wasn't as deep near the chicken coop as it was in the rest of the garden, so the chickens all stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of the garden.
"Oooohhh, why is it so white? Oooohhh, why are my feet this cold? Oooohhh, I don't dare to go out any further!"

Luckily after a few minutes lingering next to the shed and absorbing the sight of a white garden, they ventured out. Up to their bellies in the snow, but they enjoyed it,  especially hanging around under the bird feeders hoping for titbits to fall down.
"Ooooohhh, it's alright isn't it? Oooohhh, I'm quite enjoying this.
Oooohhh, is there any more food falling down?"
The Hooligan was also back to her normal self, shouting and swearing at me while running away to the neighbour's garden.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

No time to rest.

Nothing better than creating your own homemade Christmas presents. For the third year I'm assembling hampers for my colleagues (don't tell them though!).

There will be pickled eggs for the ones which love them, there is wine for everyone (don't need to be afraid to miss out myself, since we've made around 10 gallons of the stuff!), probably some pickled vegetables and beer. And if I feel like it, maybe some homemade biscuits or truffles or something else sweet. Feeling peckish myself now...

Soon, I'll be trying out my homemade sauerkraut, I wonder if it worked out just as well as last year. It always smells a bit funny and sometimes there is some mould on top, but that's normal. You can remove the mould, the sauerkraut is still edible. Actually, the mould would be edible too, but it doesn't look too appetizing.

One of my hens is moulting, which means replacing her feathers. This actually puts a lot of strain on the bird, so they won't lay any eggs, until all the feathers have been replaced. I've been giving her extra poultry vitamins to keep her energy levels up. She seems to be doing fine.

Anyway, back to bottling and labelling wine now!